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Our Story

The FABB Girl Brand was founded in 2010 by a former athlete. She fell in love with the game of basketball beginning in grade school and had big dreams of playing in the WNBA. She then began the process to practice and train to be her best. Ultimately, her confidence and and faith in her abilities would soon diminish after she was cut from her varsity basketball team her senior year in high school. 


Feeling like she had something to prove she joined a community college basketball team where she played some of her best basketball and was nationally recognized. When it came time to move onto a four year college there were more obstacles to overcome. Due to scholastic issues she would never play basketball at the college level again. 


What seemed to be a disaster of a situation for someone who truly loved sports and loved to compete is what was used birth FABB Girl. All of the times she felt disappointment, regret, and doubt helped birth a brand that gives strength, confidence and a will to persevere to girls and women everywhere. FABB Girl Brand was created to empower female athletes to achieve their dreams and goals in sports and in life no matter what obstacles or challenges they may encounter.


Now with the groundwork laid it is time to share this message and continue to empower female athletes all across the world. As a message to FABB athletes everywhere :


                          We are Feminine And Built to Ball!!!


                              It's our time to shine to the world!!!

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